About Us

Solekoi specialized in providing Japanese style clothing and accessories. Here you can find the quality clothing: Sukajan Jackets(souvenir jacket), Japanese style embroidery/painted T-shirts, Japanese style embroidery/painted Hoodies, and accessories.


Solekoi works with reliable suppliers and logistics carriers to ensure the top quality product and stable delivery time. Every parcel is carefully checked and packed with a packing bag with the Solekoi logo before sending out to our customers.

At Solekoi we work effortlessly to provide customer service and ensure our customers can have a satisfactory experience. You can simply contact us via email at support@solekoi.com for any questions or suggestions. 

Our company is located at 18 Jialing Rd, Hong Pai Lou, Wuhou Strict, 610074,Chengdu, Sichuan, China